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for Kids with ADD and ADHD

Martial Arts Training is ideally suited to help your child learn self-regulation & self-control

You may think that something that requires as much focus and self-control, as well as the ability to pay attention and follow instructions like Martial Arts would be out of the question for a child with ADHD or ADD.

Maybe you have signed up your child for other sports or activities and only found that it caused you and them more pain and frustration because the parent volunteers or coaches did not know how to work with your child. Or, that the activity was too slow paced, and could not capture your child’s attention.

Martial Arts Training is a natural way to support your child and help them to gain better control of the symptoms of their attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) / Attention-deficit disorder (ADD).

The instructors at Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy are professional and patient. They are dedicated to every child in the class. My son has learned to turn frustration into determination.

- Diane Fossey

As a parent of a child with ADHD I am sure you have talked with your doctor and read the research that recommends behavior modification as a part of treatment. It’s something as a parent you do daily, (if not constantly) with your child to help them to learn on their own to have the self-control they need to succeed at all types of activities and tasks.

You work with them to better understand the range of emotions that run through them, especially when frustration or conflict arises.

The Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy Program is the perfect environment for your child…

Martial Art Training has evolved over hundreds of years from trial and error. Before we had diagnostic tools and lists of symptoms, which led to the naming of different disorders, Martial Arts Masters simply had to find a way to serve their students.

Dedicated instructors

- Rachel Stay

I just can’t believe the change in my child. Only a month, but frustration levels are way down and I can see him keeping himself in check!

If you fail, I have failed you is part of the honor code in martial arts. Instructors see it as their responsibly to help a student succeed. This dedication increases the bond between the student and the instructor and makes the instructor more creative and thoughtful in his approach to students. Instructors are forced to see each student as an individual with unique needs.


At Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy You Can Expect...

We know that some kids learn better from watching and then copying, others learn better when they hear the instruction and some better when physical contact is made, like holding their hand and guiding them.

At Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy we employ all three methods, very often at the same time. This forces students to engage and allows them to understand better and learn faster.

Visual, auditory and kinesthetic instruction

Unlike school or other programs, where grades or a level of proficiency need to be met in weeks or months, the Martial Arts curriculum spans over years. Patience is part of the program. We have several short-term goals to motivate your child, but in the end, the instructor knows that a martial arts student takes years to develop.

Patience and small steps

Martial Arts classes are full of energy and lots of movement and constantly changing scenarios. Boredom is never a problem.

Action and excitement

Even exercises on being still, are nothing like they have tried before

Typically, when a parent, teacher or any adult supervising any child wants them to be still, it is simply because... they want them to BE STILL.

We are still with a purpose. When we ask your child to be or sit still, they are still being extremely active. That’s because they are not just sitting still for the sake of stopping to move. They have a list of task to work on while they are being still. They may be listing to their breath, or holding a position with their body, or carefully listening for the next instruction telling them to jump into action. This form of stillness is a challenge, and with purpose.

Mindfulness helps them to understand their inner world

During times of slow deep breathing or sitting when your child’s full attention is waiting on the next instruction, children can become very present. This helps to turn down the mind chatter so they can identify how they are feeling better.

- Roger Bannister

Nothing really interested my daughter enough to make her want to work at increasing her attention span or self-control. She got by in middle school, but we were concerned with her moving into high school that she would not be able do the work.

She fell in love with the classes at Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy. It has become her refuge and cornerstone. She understands the hard work that needs to be done, and now she enjoys it!

Benefits to Martial Arts Training Include:

These are the very specific aspects to training at Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy that help children with ADHD / ADD. However, there is a long list of physical and mental benefits for all children.

  • A healthy self-image, self-respect and respect for others
  • Increased self-control, the ability to sit still and be patient
  • The confidence to try new things, and feel like they can succeed
  • A strong desire to always do their best
  • Honest and Integrity, the strength to do the right thing, even when no one is looking
  • Increased muscular strength, flexibility, coordination and timing
  • Better heart health and lung capacity, stamina
  • The ability to protect themselves from bullies and predators

Living with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder may be a challenge for you child and your family. But ADHD does not have to have the last word.

Together we can give your child the best tools to succeed. To see if our program can help with your child's ADHD / ADD, take advantage of our special offer for new students below!

6 weeks of classes + free uniform for $69


6 weeks of classes + free uniform for $69



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1614 Peachtree Parkway Cumming, GA 30041

1614 Peachtree Parkway
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