Martial Arts Improves Confidence in School, at Play and in Life!

Kids Need Confidence

Confidence Improves Grades! Kids ask their teachers more questions about school work, speak up when they need something, and get noticed more. Confidence helps them to believe in themselves which motivates them to do their best in and out of school.

Without it, they tend to be timid, unwilling to try new things, and not as happy as they should be.

Confidence Improves Play! Confident kids are outgoing kids. They are easy to get along with, play better with other children and earn the respect of their peers. 
Confident Kids Are Happy Kids! When your child believes in themselves and is exceling in everything along with having the respect of their friends, they are happier.
"I laugh when I think about how Becky used to be such a wallflower. Now she is overflowing with confidence. Thank you!" - Elizabeth Seton

Martial Arts Training Teaches Kids

  •  How defend themselves again bullies and predators
  • A habit of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle
  • To always treat others with respect
  • To have the character to do the right thing even when no one is looking
  • The self-discipline to work hard and to say no to peer pressure
  • How to focus on one thing at time, concentration longer on a task, and block out distraction
  • The ability to control mind and body, to regulate their own emotions, to think before they speak, and to master impulse control
  • How to be helpful to others, and do chores without complaining
  • And much more...
"Stephen came home each day after school frustrated with his grades from the homework the night before and dreading that days homework. I knew the only problem was he was too shy to ask the teacher questions and for the extra help he needed. Since he started martial arts training, he is not afraid of looking stupid, he always asked for help when he needs it. Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy gave him the confidence to believe in himself. He is even more on the outgoing side now." - Samantha Fields 

The greatest gift you can give your child is to provided them with the tools they need to be happy, healthy and successful adults.

Let us help you arm your child with confidence! Get 6 weeks of Classes and a FREE uniform for just $69. Click the button below to get started, you may also contact us by phone at 678-513-5436.

"I enrolled my kids in the Family Program. What a difference this training has made in their lives. They spend most of their free time exercising doing martial arts and they take pride in their progress as they earn belts. I do not even warry about the amount of time they spend on electronics because it is no longer there go to activity, television, video games and the smart phone have become the backup activities." - Jimmy Bossi



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6 weeks of Classes with a free uniform - $69

1614 Peachtree Parkway
Cumming, GA 30041
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