Karate Kids Are

Happy Kids!

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Have you ever noticed when you let kids just run, play, and basically go nuts they can’t help but laugh and let go? Kid’s love to be free to move and make noise, express themselves with all kinds of weird expressions and body movements. It’s fun to watch them play like this. I hope your child get enough of this open play so they can let out all that energy.
Freedom Makes Kids Happy! However, it can all come crashing down.
You might think that if open play and total freedom makes kids happy, then an unlimited amount of freedom would make them even happier. But you know how that goes, to much of a good thing (I’m thinking eating too much of my favorite food) can turn out to make you feel miserable!
By the time we become adults, hopefully we have learned how to regulate ourselves so we don’t overdo it. It’s really when we have learned to live in balance, not the excess, that we truly feel happy throughout our day.
That’s why Karate Kids are Happy Kids!
"I must admit both my kids were kinda slugs. I wouldn’t say they were depressed, just not happy. My son and daughter would sit around playing video games. I decide to enroll them at Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy. They really liked the instructors and the class right away. Now they would rather be working out and hanging out with their karate buddies instead of playing video games." - Parent (anonymous)
The Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy Kids program is a place where kids get to, kinda go nuts. They get to yell, (that’s a karate kia), they get to jump, kick and punch, stomp, and move their body in all kinds of new and fun ways, in a room with a group of other kids whooping it up.
However, here is the difference, and the secret to Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy Training...
We combine all the energy releasing movements with structure and organization that teaches your child self-control. They enjoy themselves even more in an environment that they get to yell, kick, punch and jump, but then also have to rein it all in and stand at attention while the instructor speaks. This teaches them to self-regulate and they love it! Kids understand and enjoy this sense of personal power they are developing!
All this carries over to home, school and life.

Kids are happier when they attain…

• The ability to protect themselves from bullies and predators
• Self-Respect and respect for others
• Self-Control, the ability to sit still and be patient
• Confidence and a can-do attitude
• A healthy self-image
• A desire to always try their best
• The strength to do the right thing, even when no one is looking
"We just moved into the area and into a new school. My daughter loved the friends she had to leave behind, which made it even more difficult for her when she had a hard time making new friends. When we enrolled her at Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy, she instantly gained a new group of friends and all the training and support from the instructors has taught her to pull herself out of it!" - Susan Wells

6 weeks of Classes with a free uniform - $69



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1614 Peachtree Parkway
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