Martial Arts Arms Your Child with Self-Esteem

What a Video - How Cute & Beautiful Can a Kid Get!

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And it is scary...

Very Scary to think of your child, so vulnerable and young, maybe being picked on and bullied at school, or worse. And it’s not just about physical protection, it’s also the fragile emotional state of children when they are so young.

"The increase in Kristin's self-esteem through the Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy program has improved all aspects of her life!" - Bobby Martin, Father.

"The positive changes in my child have been unbelievable, he even cleans his room now!" - Jennifer Cortez, Mother

"Simply the best investment I have ever made for my child." - Mary DiAngelo, Mother.

"As a school teacher who has witnessed the dramatic improvement in focus and concentration of many students, I only wish more parents would enroll their children in this school." - Katheryn Payton, Teacher.

Whenever a parent watches a video like this we are reminded of just how much we have been entrusted with. What a precious gift and awesome responsibility.

What Your Child Needs, What Every Child Must Have to Succeed is:


Self-esteem is how your child emotionally evaluates their own worth. It greatly effects their attitude toward themselves and others. Healthy Self Esteem is crucial for your child to grow and be happy. A child with self-esteem grows into the kind of teenager and adult who insist that others treat them with respect, while treating others the same way.

This is what every parent wants. But today, it just seems as if there are so many obstacles, too much danger…

You may have heard of just how much martial arts classes can help kids to develop confidence and build good habits. However, you may have thought, "sure, like any sport!" The truth is that martial arts are uniquely qualified, more so than any sport or activity, to build self-esteem, and much more.

Here is why…

Elimination of Fear: You know that when kids learn to defend themselves against bullies or predators they feel more safe. But have you really thought that through? Fear, is the one thing that holds us back from EVERYTHING! Fear of failure, fear of looking foolish, fear of... The list goes on.

There is no more transferable trait than learning to overcome the fear of being attacked. 

When your child is no longer afraid of becoming a victim, they simultaneously overcome many other fears. I am not knocking other sports, they do a great job in helping kids grow in many ways. But you can be a great gymnast, or baseball player, and still live in fear of being bullied. You can still fall a victim.

At Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy Children Grow Both Physical and Emotionally Stronger.

There are many other positive aspects to training with us, and many other benefits as well. Benefits such as…

 Increased Focus and Concentration – Do Better in school

 Self-Respect and Respect toward others – Have better relationships

 Self-Control, being able to sit still – Accomplish tasks without distraction

 An Appreciation for physical activity - Not just time on smart phones

 Healthier and Stronger Bodies – Developing positive habits that last a lifetime

Parents, partner with us in giving your child the best chance to succeed in a world faced with challenges. Please check out our special offer for new students below!

6 weeks of Classes and a FREE uniform for just $69!
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6 weeks of Classes with a free uniform - $69



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1614 Peachtree Parkway
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