Confidence is the foundation of all success in sports, school and life beyond. With confidence children ask more questions in class, try new things to increase their skills and have the courage to say "No" when needed.
Nowhere will your child develop confidence faster than in our unique children’s martial arts program!
Our programs build confidence fast through:
Confidence improves...
 • Grades
• Performance in other sports
• Social skills and leadership skills
• Ability to withstand peer pressure
• The ability to deal with bullies
• The opportunities your child sees and grasps
Listen to What One Parent Experienced With Her Child:


“It’s hard for a parent to watch their child underperform, heck who am I kidding fail would be a better word. Jason just didn’t seem to have the confidence to excel at anything. He was always picked last for the teams. His teachers said he never raised his hand in class and his grades were never better than average. Then something quite remarkable happened his friend Matt took him to karate class something I was sure he would hate. But I was wrong he loved it and started going twice a week.
I guess the first thing I noticed was a change in his body language suddenly there was a quiet confidence I had never seen. His grades slowly but surely started to climb and he was no longer left on the bench for his team sports. I am not sure exactly what it was about his martial arts lessons that flicked the switch for Jason but I have heard a lot of the other parents say similar things about their kids. Whatever it was, the confidence he has now is priceless!” - Niki Steventon


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Physical activity - which increases strength and focus
Skills testing
Positive reinforcement
And our unique belt ranking system which increases motivation
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6 weeks of classes and a FREE uniform for just $69! Click the button below to get started, you may also contact us by phone at 678-513-5436. Sign your child up and you'll see exactly how martial arts gives your child the confidence to succeed in life!



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6 weeks of Classes with a free uniform - $69

1614 Peachtree Parkway
Cumming, GA 30041
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