How to Pick the Best Sport for Your Child

And whether to have a secondary sport, or athletic for cross-training...

Team sports or individual sports?

Putting aside the actual technical skill of a particular sport, both team and individual sports teach many of the same life skills. They both teach kids to work hard and not quit. They teach discipline and to stick with something and not give up.

Both teach confidence, but in team sports, feedback from a coach and teammates has a lot to do with confidence. A poor coach or conflict with other teammates can diminish a child's confidence.

It’s also true that in team sports the kids that are starters build confidence, but the kids who sit on the bench, or are not as good as the other children, may lose confidence.

In individual sports or activities such tennis, martial arts, and gymnastics, confidence is linked to individual effort and improvement. This generally means that all children participating will see an increase in confidence.

Both team and individual sports teach self-discipline, but in team sports, if the child does not practice on their own, they may only get motivated when pushed by the coach or other teammates.

In individual sports, individual practice is always required. Developing self-discipline and learning to be self-motivated is part of success, and a greater part of individual sports.

For this reason, many parents who decide to have their child participate in two sports or athletic activities, always make sure one of them is an individual sport.

This also helps with scheduling and time management. Team sports have frequent long practices, having your child in two team sports can be hard on the whole family when it comes to getting kids to practices and time left for homework.

When it comes to choosing the right sport for your child, many parents will simply choose the sport they grew up playing and are the biggest fans of. Which has its merits, as you will be able help your child with the sport you are most familiar with. If it’s a favorite sport of the family, there is also camaraderie built around games, events and favorite teams.

Consider cross-training...

Odds of pro ball for the Big Four

Football: .08% of High School players will play professional football.

Baseball: .5% of players who have already made it as a Sr. High School player will play in the MLB.

Basketball: 1% of High School players will play division one college and then only 1.15 of those who made it to college will play professional basketball.

Soccer: 1.4% of NCCA college players will make it to professional soccer.

However, your child is an individual, with their own likes, dislikes, temperament and physical attributes.

If sports or athletics are going to become important for your child, don’t they deserve an opportunity to find what’s best for them?

Still, few things in popular culture are more powerful than sports loyalty and the teams that go along with it. The temptation to push your child toward the sports you love is powerful.

Conflict can arise when your child seems indifferent toward the sport you want them to play, or prefers a different sport all together. Many families resolve this conflict by gently (maybe not so gently) pushing their child toward the sport of their choice, then allowing their child to select a secondary sport. In the end, the sport the child likes best will become their primary sport, and the other more for cross training. Parents are OK with this, because the child will likely excel in the sport they like best and everyone will want to support them.

Whatever sports you choose, support your child to the best of your ability, and encourage them to use sports and athletics as a vehicle for learning the all-important life skills that sports teach.

As much as we may fantasize about our child playing pro ball on the big screen, most kids don't end up playing professionally. The choices you make should be about what your child enjoys and will help them excel now and into adult adulthood.

If you do choose a team sport and an individual sport, choose an individual sport that complements the team sport. Team sports usually have specific training programs to help performance in that sport. Their workouts leave things out that are not relevant to being good at that sport or winning games.

Martial Arts & Gymnastics are two individual sports that are whole body athletics and will compliment any team sport. They both train in strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Martial Arts & Gymnastic schools will typically have flexible training schedules making them easier to combine with a team sport.

Martial Arts training is unique because it is the only individual sport that works on the mind and body.

Martial arts are well known for helping kid develop both physically and mentally. Martial Arts, in addition to being able to teach your child how to defend themselves against bullies and predators, will also engage their whole body and mind!

My son loves football. His coach told him to stay in shape during the off-season. Martial Arts Training was perfect. When football started up again, he could stay with his martial arts because the instructors are flexible on training times and participation.

- Margie Smith

Physical benefits to Martial Arts Training:

  • Improved Muscular Power: Stronger arms, legs, and core
  • Increased Flexibility: Longer and learner muscles, less prone to injury
  • Improved Balance & Coordination: More agility and grace
  • Faster Reflexes: Improved timing and rhythm
  • Naturally maintain a healthy weight and develop a habit of a healthy lifestyle
  • Your child will be able to protect themselves against bullies or adult predators

I wanted both my boys to play baseball. John loved it, James hated it. I let James quit baseball, and John stay in. But I still wanted them to do something together. Martial Arts worked out perfectly. They both love it and are learning to defend themselves.

- Matthew Farina

Mental benefits to Martial Arts Training:

  • Confidence: A strong belief in themselves, a “Can Do Attitude!"
  • Self-discipline: A strong work ethic, a “Never Quit Attitude!”
  • Focus & Concentration: The ability to block out distraction
  • Self-control: Ability to self-regulate emptions, control their body and mind
  • Less Stress & Reduced Anxiety: A “Got It Together” demeanor
  • And a lot more!

If you’re having trouble finding the sports program you think is best for your child, or if your child is not showing an interested in team sports, Martial Arts is a unique and exciting choice.

If you’re looking for the best cross training choice to a team sport, then Martial Arts is the perfect choice.

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I tell all my players all the time. Work on flexibly and focus – GET FOCUSED!

- Coach Roe


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6 weeks of classes + free uniform for $69

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