Stop your child from being bullied
The Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy Anti-Bully Program Prevents and Stops children from becoming victims of cruel and embarrassing hazing that bullies dish out, which if not stopped, can turn to unforgivable violence against your child.
Let us help your child become more confident, improve their self-image and grow their self-esteem.
even before it starts!
20% to 49% of children from grades 4 to 12 experience bullying
Only 20% to 30% of children report the bullying adults
That means that 70% to 80% of kids NEVER tell an adult they need help (Source:
Cyberbullying brings it right into your home – where kids should be safe
Here's how we stop bullies...
Bullies can sense who is an easy target, and it’s a fact that bullies only pick on kids they think they will be easy targets.
That means our main goal is to teach your child not to be an easy target, to prevent bullies from seeing them as a victim and then if needed, as a last resort, use their self-defense to protect themselves.
Awareness – To know in advance where bullying is most likely to take place and if possible to avoid those places
Body language - Walk and hold themselves in way that sends the message, I am NOT afraid! I am NOT your victim!
Verbal Defense – How to verbally respond to a bully in a way that shuts them down and lets the bully know they made a mistake in choosing them to pick on.
Self-Defense – Practical easy to learn techniques that they can use to protect themselves against a physical assault and stop the bully in their tracks.
Parent Inclusion – How to talk with parents about bullying they experience, or see others experiencing
Your child will learn...
When your child begins the Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy Anti-Bullying Program they become more confident, their self-image improves while their self-esteem grows. They will now feel more comfortable talking with you about bullying.
Allow Choe's Hapkido Martial Arts Academy to partner with you to help teach your child these vitally important strategies to stop bullying, in a safe and positive environment where they can learn and grow.


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6 weeks of classes + free uniform for $69


6 weeks of classes + free uniform for $69

1614 Peachtree Parkway
Cumming, GA 30041
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